środa, 24 października 2012

The river

One of my first childhood memories is connected to the river. I've been lying in bed, my eyes were slowly closing, my mind was somewhere between waking and sleep. The balcony doors were open and I've been looking towards the other side of river, because some magical and exciting things were happening there - scary, but intriguing creatures were dancing and having fun. I remember I was scared and in the same time so attracted to what I "saw", but finally fell asleep. Deeper... :)
  I've been living by the river for
all of mine life, so far. For 13 years I've been walking to school and back home watching the beauty of water. I saw her calm and lazy, I saw her dangerous and angry, devastating people's houses and gardens. She saw me happy and crying, angry and peaceful. She took so many prayers of mine in her depths.
I love to watch like she's changing her look from season to season.
Knowing that we'll move to a new place soon, I've been absorbing all the colors, views and smells of her even more for the last 2 years. I only regret that my camera isn't very good and can't take good pictures of all animals that live in the river, or by the river. And there are plenty of them! We have funny ducks, mews, nightingale, lots of jays and so many other birds I don't even know names of. Herons and storks are visiting from time to time. Funny and cute beavers, that are not afraid of people at all. Otters. Bats. If you get up early enough during the hot days of summer you can meet deers coming from hills to quench their thirst. I've never met m
any of other small timid creatures, but during the winter time, when the river is covered with thick layer of ice I like to watch all their traces and guess which creatures left them. 

Next year I will exchange walking by the river to the wandering in forest. I love my river a lot, but honestly I can't wait.

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