środa, 10 października 2012

Feeling reborn

Oh yes, I took a long rest.
From designing, marketing, thinking 24 hours a day about my business.
 I let myself to be in mourning after my Grandpa.
I've been talking a lot to myself.
I've been digging out all small and big dreams I forgot about.
 I let myself to be slow and careful. I let myself to enjoy life, to take it as it is.
I re-found joy in every day that came to me. 

I asked myself who I wanted to be. 
The answers was so fascinating!

I was indulging my body and soul with nutritious, healthy and delicious food. 
I made many long walks, feeding my eyes and heart with the beauty of nature.

I laughed to tears with my friends.

That's what I've been doing for the last months.

You ask me how I am?
I'm relaxed and happy. Not because the world is better place than before.
I'm happy, because I want to be like that.
I'm strong, because so I want to be.

2 weeks ago I took the torch to my hands again. 
I felt joy like I was meeting an old friend, whom I missed a lot.
I'm back to creating beautiful precious pieces.

See you soon!

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