wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2011

Green Path silver necklace.

Do you sometimes think about paths in life?
How strange and winding can they be.
How do we chose them? 
And do WE chose them? 
I believe they are combination of our choices, choices of other people around us and of coincidences [and the power that plans those coincidences:) ]. Nothing really revealing, nor brilliant, rather cliche, I know. :)

That's still so weird for me that I make jewelry and that I actually create something with my hands. OK, I have always been cooking and baking (I really enjoy it), but I have always been so convinced that I don't have any manual talents. I was that person who was rather thinking, planning, promoting others. So, now you know why it's still a strange feeling for me. 
But, I am proud of myself that I dared to try. I didn't believe in myself, but I dared to dream. And I still do.
I still have some many thinks to learn, so many projects to designs, because it's just the beginning. And I have the man who believes in me by my side. :)

Believe me, the jewelry I make is so very "me". All those flowers, swirls, granules, circles, layers. :) 
So, even if I don't write a lot about myself, you can tell about me from my designs. :)

Remember this post?
So here it is - my favourite necklace I made so far. I think, I can write that I LOVE it. :)

Green Path.
Silver handmade necklace that consist of circular medallion and bezel set green onyx cabochon. Plus the lovely little round onyx beads.
It's so special for me. 
I need to make one for myself in future.

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